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For over 20 years HOOP NUTS LLC. has been a provider of custom oil and dry roasting. Its facilities can and want to serve you with a myriad of purposes. From sorting, sifting and cleaning, reboxing and custom packaging to custom oil and dry roasting, we can do it all. Catering to retail, wholesale, food services, hotel mini bar items and fundraisers, we take pride in fulfilling any of your nutty needs. Healthy for you and kosher too.

Quality, efficiency and timeliness are our main priorities. You can trust your needs in our hands. Read more about us...

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Interesting Facts About Nuts By Rebecca Collins

What is a nut exactly? According to Macquarie Dictionary, 'nut' is a type of dry fruit that consists of a nutritive kernel or meat confined in a leathery or woody shell. Botanically, 'nut' defines a hard, indehiscent, one-seeded fruit, as the chestnut or the acorn.


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